mike leale

Mike Leale image

Born and bred in Guernsey. After leaving school there were a few false starts until I was offered the job of photographer on the local newspaper. I stayed for two years before leaving to seek my fortune in London. I never did find it.

A few years on, after working as an assistant in a large studio, I had my own place in Covent Garden. I worked for clients as diverse as Slazenger, Milk Marketing Board, New Zealand Lamb, Aristoc, Grattons, Goodyear and Gus. I also shot many record sleeves for Pye Records, most notably for The Kinks and Sandie Shaw.

As most of my work was still-life, food, jewellery etc., I find that my personal photography tends to follow the same patterns, ie what interests me most is composition and lighting. I like shape and colour and the juxtaposition of random things. I like abstract landscapes and the patterns that can be found in urban spaces. But most of all... light.

There are no great meanings or messages in my work, put simply, if it appeals it gets its picture taken.